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DOE F 5484.3 (09-95) All Other Editions Are Obsolete U.S. Department of Energy OMB Control No. 1910-0300 INDIVIDUAL ACCIDENT/INCIDENT REPORT Official Use Only Privacy Accusers Use Only P.D. Accident
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. Agency Name National Electric Power Board (NEP) 4. Date of Loss or Damage Date of Loss or Damage 5. Original File or Files 6. Date Modified First Line 7. Change In File or File Location 8. Change In Time or File Location 9. Original Reason for Change 10. Change in File Status 11. Change in Physical Location 12. Use of the File to Accomplish a Fraud or Deception 13. Change in Use 14. Method for Making the Change 15. Effect of the Change 16. Explanation of the Change 17. Cost of the Change 18. Time for Corrective Action 19. Other Considerations 20. Correction or Correction of the File or File Location (See) (03-19-1997) Fitting the Information to the Record Information relating to the failure of the system shall be considered in the determination of the cause of the failure at the time of the determination. The following information shall be required as stated in section 3 of this document. A copy of the record shall be included in the report upon request. Time of the incident. Description and extent of the failure. Cause or causes and any corrective action. Description and extent of any damage. Cause or causes and any corrective action. Any record, or data file, containing technical data relative to the cause of the incident. (03-19-1997) (08-31-2015) Records Subject to Availability As required and provided by law, the records of the Federal Government may be made available to the public in accordance with such procedures as the President shall establish, provided however, that the President shall notify Congress of any such action prior to the commencement of such action, and thereafter each Federal agency shall make available to the public any record in its possession showing: That such record is pertinent to an investigation or examination of a government agency under this order; that any of the information obtained from such record may be used in a hearing to which such agency is a party; or that such record was voluntarily provided to any person or organization, not for commercial gain or commercial advantage, including by a manufacturer with such agency.
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